Photography Lesson

Have you purchased a new camera and struggling to understand all those difficult jar-gins in the magazines and books.

Simple dont waste your money, come and join Anthony on one of his Photography lessons in the centre of Bath.

We understand that many of the magazines over complicate how to use a SLR camera on manual is.

Here at we have taught well over 1000 students how to use there camera is the correct easy way.

Apertures, Shutter Speed and ISO….. getting the metre reading is easy, lets show you.


Many of our students have been complete amateurs who need that extra bit of help.

All of our professional photography lessons are held at our bath studio which is situated on George street in the Centre of Bath.

Head Photographer and owner of Professional Photographer Bath has a real talent of explaining how to use a camera in a simple manner.

As you will see from our facebook page, many people are always recommending us which is always a joy.


During 2013 had students travel from as far field as London, Dorset, Carmarthen Wales and Birmingham, so if you need

a Professional Photographer to teach you, come and join us at our Bath city centre studio.


So what makes our Bath photography lessons so different from others.

Well here at Professional Photographer Bath, we have a way of teaching in a simple manner that everybody can understand.  Anthony explains all the manual concepts in a visual manner,

which is a perfect way for all to understand. We dont use any chalk boards here showing you numbers and charts.


We guarantee that you will be able to use your camera on the manual setting with in 45 minutes of entering our Bath Photography studio.

Plus Anthony also takes you out and around Bath city centre showing and providing many great tips that will benefit of his vast experience.

Learn to take great photographs of the stunning Architecture in the beautiful city of Bath.


Few words from Anthony him self

Hi All

I know that many of you will be using your camera on Auto and here at we want to

help you understand how to actually to use your camera. I have been a professional for over 10 years and

I will show you exactly how I use my camera on a daily basis.

During the last ten years as a Professional Photographer, I have had many other great photographers ask how I managed to create some

of the front cover magazines images with little effort. Its simple, photography is all about light and I dont over complicate my work.

Im going to show you the same ways.


I have heard of other Bath Photography courses that have students leaving at the end  more confused than when they arrived.

With us, I 100% know that the confusion will have subsided after 45 minutes.

Many of my student regularly join us at our other photography lessons,  one reason they liked

our lessons was because I keep checking and going over each part to make sure everybody understands.


So whats new for 2014 at

For 2014 we have created the next level of lessons that many of our keen students have requested.

Wedding Photography Lesson – Marco Pierre White Hotel – Rudloe Arms Hotel

Studio Photography lesson

Night sky Photography lesson

and in May we even have a professional model who will be posing for our fashion photography lesson.


Come and join us at our studio in Bath city centre and we know that you will go home a very happy photographer.

Tel 01225 443943


So how often do our lessons run ?

Our photography lessons are always very busy, so we do recommend calling us to double check out availability.

Most of our lessons are held on a Sunday and we have 15 dates already fully booked for 2014.

The lessons are held on Sunday afternoons where we create a group learning environment which is perfect when we have so many different interests

and questions asked by our keen students.

If you are a keen amateur who only knows the basics, I would recommend our Bronze package which lasts 3 hours and we know you will go home so some

great photographs from your time in Bath with Anthony.


Call us today to book your Photography Lesson.

Tel 01225 443943