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Clothing – Product Photography

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Are you seeking quality Product Photography…..

Here at the Professional Photography Bath studio we have a large professional studio in the heart of bath, perfectly situated very close to Bristol and the M4 motorway.

Our team of professional photographers have the talent and the skill to create stunning images that are perfect for any commercial promotion material.

We have a selection of different colour backdrops and acrylic sheets that are perfect for any product that need that extra wow factor.  If you require the simple white background we can work to any of your requirements.

If you have a specific product requirements we are always very happy for you to join us at the Bath commercial photography studio. We understand that every clients has ideas and we are happy to provide that professional bespoke photography service.

With all Bath Product photography we are able to photograph a large selection of products all im 1 day. Of course it all depends on the type of product that needs to be commercial photographed. If you require clothing with a white back drop this is an easy and quicker method. But if you require jewellery product photography with a white tent, then this can take up to 20 minutes to take per picture. The tent does take time and its stops reflection in the diamond. High standard will look best in your promotion material.

Please call us today to discuss your professional Photography requirements.

We are also very happy to travel to your place of work to professional photograph your product photography. Please do understand that we use a professional back ground and 4 studio lights and this will require a large room. We do use Photoshop to post edit the images but studio lighting gives the wow factor effect. Plus getting the light correctly will save hours on photoshop when photography a large of selection of images. Professional photographs create a wow factor with light. Amatures use photoshop to try and give that wow.

Its simple, light a product correct …… Why spend 40 minutes on a image when you can save 20 minutes and light the image correctly.

So what can we photography for you……

During the last ten years as professional photographers in Bath near Bristol and only a hour drive from London, we have photographed all sorts of products from very expensive jewellery, clothing, wedding dresses, watches, sex toys and many more. We never know what will arrive next at the Bath commercial photography studio.

Call us today to discuss your commercial product photography requirements.

Tel 01225 443943


The products shown above were taken for a Bath Marketing company that required 50 bags photographed. We showed them the different colored backgrounds that we had  in the commercial studio and they saw the extra wow factor. The website and the images now look unique and colorful,

We are able to get any colour that your require, in the studio we have a selection of colour, but if your require a different colour we can purchase this at an additional cost.





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