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Commercial Photography – Construction Photography

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Are you seeking a Commercial Photographer…… –

We are a Professional Photography Commercial studio that are situated in the heart of Bath, during the last ten years our work has been seen in many UK and International Magazines including Vogue, Grazia, House &  Garden, Interior Exterior and many more.

We take great pride in producing quality work that will be shown for your company future requirements.

Construction Photography.

We are always very happy to travel to any location that you require to be commercial photographed, UK or Internationally. As you will see from our portfolio we have traveled to many international locations including Europe and Abu Dhabi.

With all construction and commercial photography assignments, we have two types photoshoots.

1 – Sunny day shoots.

Every shoot needs to have a wow factor and a sunny day really does help give that extra perfect lit image. We arrive at your chose location at 9am and wait for the sun to move over the sky until we are best positioned to take the designated images that you require. This may also require a cloud to move over the sky and if you require the best quality images, time is needed.

Many of our commercial clients that promote there products in magazines and other major publication require the best standard, so we will spend all day photography your chosen location.

We can not make a poor weather day look amazing.

To explain how much the sun can give a wow factor, here is a past experience

In 2009 we photographed for a construction company that required some new cladding to be professionally photographed. We had never been to the location before and the location was situated between several large sky scrapers. Its hard to believe, but with the shoot being taken in November we only had 30 minutes during the whole day to take the image. The sun was low in the sky and we had to take the pic at the only spot in the day, sadly the buildings where in the way of the sun and the sun would not correctly light location.

We had advised our customer that we needed to wait for the summer so that the sun is higher in the sky, but our client explained that the images was needed for a magazine promotion later that month.

With this chosen manner of commercial photography, we need to wait for a sunny day.


2 –

If you are a client that requires just documented images and you dont need the sun to correctly light the location. We can attend your chosen locations on the days that we are required

Due to travelling times we suggest that we only attend 4 locations per day, sadly due to traffic congestion travel may take time.

During these shoots we will professional photographed your chosen location and provide stunning images that are perfect for your future promotional material.


Please do not hesitate contacting us to discuss your professional commercial Photography requirements.

Our studio is situated in Bath and we are very happy to arrange a meeting for you to join us and discuss your photography requirements.


Daily rates

We charge £500 per day and this is all includes post editing. We provide our selves on taking professional images correctly at the shoot so we dont need to spend hours to bring the wow factor to the images using post editing software.

Additional costs for mileage, hotels and air travel shall be charged. First 50 miles free.


Call us today to discuss – Tel 01225 443943




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