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Product Photography

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Are you looking for  a Professional Photographer that can create great product images, we call us today.

Our Professional Photography studio is situated in Bath city centre and is only a short drive from the M4 Motorway.


With all of our product photography shoots we know that many clients are looking for a quick pack shots and others are in need of the wow factor approach.

During the last tens years as a Professional Photographer we have photographed everything from very expensive jewellery too snakes for a national pet shop, we love a challenge.


Whilst some products can take only a short time to arrange and photograph, so can take longer. Please advice what the nature of the end use is.

If for instance you have over a 100 products for Ebay this is a big difference to the front cover of a international magazine. We will need to spend time making sure we have the international images showing the wow factor

and we have special tricks to give this effect. Not everything is edited on photoshop.


Product Photography is by far the most technical photography and this is because depending on the location everything has to be perfect.

In our state of the Art Bath professional photography studio we have a brilliant selection of different backdrops and as you will see from our website this can give your

products the extra wow factor. Please advice if you require the normal 1 pack shot style back drop or a product with a skinny or matt surface.


Many clients are now looking for the extra wow, so if you need your products to be shot on location. Please do not hesitate contacting us.

We have a selection of great locations around Bath that we use on a regular basis for our shoots, so if you need a old building or stunning country field we may have the perfect

location for your shoot. Plus we have many great ideas to help give your product that extra something.


Many customers ask how long photographing a product can take.

Well its simple really it all depends on what you need the final out come for.

If for instance you have 300 clothing products professionally photographed and they are simple website product shots, this is all down to the speed of changing the mannequin.

If you need  pieces of jewellery photographed and you want all the background reflections taken away then this can take up to 20 minutes per product. But quality takes time.


Product Photography has many aspects and we do love travelling to photograph on location.

With all professional photography product assignments we do have set prices


£500 per day

£300 half a day

£150 for a hour product photography shoot.


If you would like us to provide a location, please do advice.

During the last year we have worked on Farms, studios, Stately homes and very classy up market bars for food Photography.

Please remember though that when booking a location, professional photography takes time and locations lighting changes through out a day, if you

want brilliant images we need time to create a image.


If you require models we are also happy provide, we have a selection of male and female models that we work with or we can get models for national

model agency.  All costs will be added and admin charges also.


Check out our commercial Photography website for our up to date portfolio.


With every job we will be happy to store your products at our Bath Photography studio but we do not take responsibility.

We ask that you have your own products insured or please pick up the products at the end of the day.

Every client is different and we can not take responsibility for the studio after hours.


If you would like to book a appoint to discuss your product professional Photography shoot, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

We are always very happy to have a meeting by Skype.


Tel 01225 443943

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